E+YE ‘I See You’ 2023

Erasmus+ Youth Exchange ‘I See You’ on the topic of mental health and wellness that took place in Lankupiai, Lithuania 03.08.23 – 11.08.23.

The aim of the youth exchange was to educate the 36 participants from 6 countries (Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Czech Republic, Macedonia, and Bulgaria) on the topic of mental health and wellness using non-formal education methods.

During the days from 03.08.23 – 11.08.23 we practised different types of meditation, yoga, communication, and forms of non-physical connection, held discussions on boundaries, empathy, emotions, shared our cultures on cultural evenings, discovered Klaipeda and the small town Lankupiai, played volleyball, basketball, and went swimming.


August 3rd. Day of Arrival

Participants arrived to Lankupiai, marking the commencement of the program. Dinner was served from 18:00 to 19:00, followed by a break until 20:00. The evening featured a welcome session from 20:00 to 22:00, including group games, name games, ice-breakers, and an introduction to the following day.

August 4th. Day of Introduction

The day began with breakfast from 9:00 to 10:00. Main session 1, from 10:00 to 11:30, involved the project’s opening, staff introduction, and venue details. This was followed by group games and preparations for two project-long games. The day included various activities, breaks, and reflections, concluding with an evening session of Latvian & Lithuanian cultural activities.

August 5th. Day of Empathy & Awareness

The day started with an optional silent meditation session at 8:00. Main sessions focused on awareness, empathy, and personality, interspersed with passive games and breaks. The evening featured participant-led activities, games, and dances, highlighting Macedonian & Bulgarian cultural elements.

August 6th. Day of Self-knowledge

An optional breath observation session kicked off the day at 8:00, followed by breakfast. Main sessions delved into feeling, answering, and thinking about oneself, featuring guided meditations and reflective activities. The day concluded with a cultural evening showcasing Macedonian & Bulgarian elements.

August 7th. Day for Acknowledgement of Other

Morning yoga was an optional activity at 8:00. Main sessions explored seeing, hearing, and understanding others, incorporating various interactive activities. The evening featured participant-led games, activities, and dances.

August 8th. Day of Communication

The day began with an optional morning walking meditation. Main sessions focused on trust, sincere discussions, and close meditation in pairs. The evening highlighted Bulgarian, Polish & Czech cultural elements.

August 9th. Day of Dissemination

Optional acoustic meditation started the day. Main sessions involved creating and sharing infographics, a media challenge, and crafting social media posts. The day concluded with a project reflection, including a recap and participant-led evening activities.

August 10th. Day for Local Region

The day featured an excursion to Klaipėda and the Baltic Sea from 10:00 to 18:00. Dinner and the closing ceremony, including a certificate ceremony and farewells, took place from 18:00 to 20:00. Participants prepared for departure between 20:30 and 22:00.

August 11th. Day of Departure

Breakfast was served from 6:00 to 7:00. Departures occurred between 7:00 and 12:00, marking the end of the program.


Dissemination Day, held on August 9th, marked a pivotal moment in the program, focusing on the sharing and presentation of the participants’ collective experiences and insights. Main sessions were dedicated to the creation and sharing of infographics, engaging in a media challenge, and crafting impactful social media posts. Participants collaborated to distil their journey into visually compelling narratives, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas. This collaborative dissemination effort allowed each participant to contribute to a shared narrative, fostering a sense of accomplishment and collective achievement as they prepared for the final evening’s participant-led activities and cultural celebrations.

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