About us

About us.

“Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.”
– Buddha.

HolEdu is a non-formal education NGO dedicated to promoting physical and mental health and wellbeing. The organization’s approach is holistic, considering the interconnected nature of different aspects of health and wellbeing. HolEdu achieves its goals through seminars, events, and trips. The organization is passionate about its work and driven by a deep love for the people it serves.

While HolEdu is a new organization, it is led by a proactive and innovative leader with a wealth of knowledge and creativity. The leadership, combined with the passion and commitment of the team, will ensure that HolEdu makes a positive impact in the areas of physical and mental health and wellbeing.

HolEdu focuses on offering educational programs and events promoting physical and mental health and wellbeing, including seminars on healthy lifestyles, stress management, physical fitness, emotional intelligence courses, yoga, meditation practices, and events that bring people from the community together to connect, learn, and grow. HolEdu also offers trips to serene locations promoting wellness and self-care, providing individuals with an opportunity to focus on their well-being.

The team at HolEdu consists of knowledgeable and experienced professionals who spread their message and help people lead healthier, happier lives. HolEdu offers practical guidance and support to individuals looking to improve their physical and mental health. Whether someone wants to learn about the latest health and wellness trends, connect with like-minded individuals, or take a break from their everyday life and focus on self-care, HolEdu has something for everyone.

The director of HolEdu, Edmund Heinz, brings a wealth of skills and expertise to the organization. He has extensive experience in both formal and non-formal education and a professional background in technology, as well as recent education in psychology, philosophy, and cultural practices like yoga and meditation. He is well-equipped to provide guidance and support in a wide range of areas.

In addition to his educational background, Edmund has extensive experience in public speaking, group work, and project management. Having worked as a team leader in the past, he is adept at bringing people together to achieve a common goal. His travel experience and linguistic abilities give him a unique perspective on the world and a deep appreciation for cultural diversity.